Our sponsors, patrons and partners are so important. We are nothing without the help of New England's most supportive people, companies, corporations and clubs.

The Phenomenal Success we experienced in 2017 at the programs and events sponsored by The CCF is a direct reflection of the dedication, time, enthusiasm, and talent of all our Chairpersons and volunteers. Our heartfelt Thanks to all of you. 

Leslie Ware & Emily Connors


$10,000 Lifeboat

John and Sandi Roth


$5,000 Life Jacket

The Ware Family in honor of Jesse P. Ware II

Billy & Sugar McCauley


$2,500 Lifeguard

Amanda Black

William Bridges

Kara DioGuardi

M Gunn Design

Erica & Zack Richard of The Richard Foundation



$1,000 Life Ring

The Francis Family in honor of Daniel Francis


Maine Coast, LLC

Dr. Donald Booth

Neeraj Bewtra

Michael Kenny

Paul Scully

William Lord & Frances Niles

The Harbor Foundation






The Connors family in honor of Kevin Connors

Jeff and Aylssa Rosinski

Jim and Jackie Reinertson

Helen Rollins

Denise Rubin

Davide Andreis

Kari Annand

Gerard Cuddy

Brendan Driscoll

Josh Black

Joseph Nolan

John T O'Rourke

Greg Whalen

Leisa Smith



Mary Katherine Hogg

The Barnhorst Family


Paula and Bobby Hoy

Betty Quintella

The Mariner Family

Will Ethrdige

Jeff and Sam Clifford

Scott Pignatelli of John Pignatelli and Sons, Inc

David Mait

Samuel Byrne

William Plotch

Johnna and Brandon Avery

Ashley Johnson

Marshall and Joan Jarvis

Diane Dense


Russell & Mary Connors

Midge Menzies


Sara Cassinelli

Davide Andreis

Colin Riley

Mary Ann and Guy Esposito

Robert A. Dempsey

Drew Ciraldo

Mary Cundari Kinnear

John and Elizabeth Drake

Jud and Laurie Knox

Sharon Sullivan and James Gravitt

Tobey Design Group

Gail Morse

Michael Whitman

Joseph Tuite

Peter Morris

Robert Edwards

Doug Chamberlain

David Armlin

Peter Lamb & Faith Harrington

Stephen Lazarus

Erron Kinsler

Felice & George Janes

Sandy LeDuc


Megan Greenwood

Elisabeth LeDuc

Michael and Emily Whalen

Arthur and Crystal Kyricos

Erin McCann

Sarah Newick

Henry and Mary Harding

Colin Murphy and Julia Ann Glidden

Mary Anne and Charles Szeniawski and the Szeniawski family

Roz Bacherman

Alice Balkin

Susan Ferante-Collier and John Collier

Thomas and Lori Bridges

Nola Cady Real Estate Business

Susan M Frantz

Susan Metcalf

Jennifer Regan

Jan Burke

Melissa Augustine 

Rachel & David Leen

Diana Dowling

John and Peyton Sise

Norman and Marcia Beal Brazer

Robert Del Papa

El & Matt Haseltine

Roderick Bowles & Mary Terwiske

Suzie & Patrick Paxton

Darrah & Tony Mont


The Warrick Family


Golden Harvest


Susan Sayward


Owen T Davis

Phillip and Christine Crawford

Nicole Richards

Todd Maynard and Charlotte Finley Maynard

Norma's Restaurant

Three Bridges Yoga

Lou and Bill Baker

Amy Nguyen

Sarah Niles

Donald Crawford

Doug Warren

Susan Sim

Michael Gargiulo

Guy Saxton

Heather Campbell

Martin Ruether

Jonathan Kennedy

Thaddeus W Talty

Kathleen Meyer

Donna Raque

April Edwards

Anita Hoyt

Cheryl Anderson

Julia M Crafts

The Henckler Family

Bill and Cathy Bristow



Ellen & Bruce Bates


Kyle Cranney

Joseph Glennon

Judith Poe

Paul Koulouris

Jennifer Brower

Michael Conners

Kathryn and Charles Teixeira

Anthony and Kathleen Vinet


Matthew Collar

Brad Murray

Stephen Mease

Faye Rees

Misha Cvetkovic


Daniel Contardo

Marisa Nelson


Jeffry Sanford

James Fitton

Alexander Krugheff

Leigh Medeiros

Robert Rea

Andris Sable



Sharon Leonard, Photographic Artist

Paul Ginley, Inventiv Health


The work we do would not be possible without the dedication of hardworking individuals who commit their time and energy to this important project!


Mike Brown (Salty the Seal)

Kathleen Hofer                      

Greg Whalen

Vicki Whalen

Dee Dee Balentine

Perry Wilford

Kelley Sweeney

Jorge Descart

Joel Nicolo

David Steady

Cathy and Bill Bristow

Steve Barnhorst


We thank the following for their participation in the first annual Kids Boating & Water Safety Day:


The York Fire Department

The York Water Rescue

The Red Cross

IMPACT Melanoma

Liquid Dreams & Kids Raffle

Eldridge Lumber

Jackson Hardware

York Harbor Marine Services

The US Coast Guard Auxillary

Wood Island Life Saving Station

Kittery Trading Post

KTP - 1 Table

YMCA of Portland

AYC - Agamenticus Yacht Club

Blue Ocean Society