Chris Connors Story



Chris Connors Has been watching the water for a long time...

When Chris was a 21-year-old lifeguard he rescued a drowning child from the pull of the Atlantic he was watching. At 30 he watched from a solitary lifeboat, off the coast of Cuba, as the cold water swallowed his sailboat. After the death of his brother and best friends on 9/11, Chris decided it was time to live by the sea in York, Maine. There he watched the unmanned waters and quickly decided to start the York Water Rescue program, donating the coastal town's first water rescue boat. 

All his life Chris had a tumultuous love/hate relationship with the very sea he watched every day. He witnessed its uncontrollable power and learned how to save someone from its grasp. And although Chris swam against the current his whole life, the ALS and pancreatic cancer that appeared in his 60's were opponents he couldn't outfight.

Chris's legacy will live on through The Chris Connors Fund, which is committed to safer boating, safer water, and safer kids throughout the York-area community.

All the preparation and training is worth it if we can save one child.
— Chris Connors