Safer Boating. Safer Water. Safer Kids.

Our Mission

The Chris Connors Fund was established as a special project of the York Fire Department and York Water Rescue team to create a junior boating and water safety program for York, Maine and its surrounding community in order to save lives by promoting and teaching safer boating and safer water habits for kids.  

Chris’ leadership and example in establishing this unique fund and program will have great positive results far into the future.
— Joe Mokry, founder of Ocean Rescue Systems International



  • TO SPONSOR  Annually The Chris Connors Fund FREE “Kids Boating and Water Safety Day”.
  • TO SPONSOR  The Boating & Water Safety Education Program in York’s Elementary School.
  • To SPONSOR The “Love Your Life Jacket Day” At York’s Coastal Ridge Elementary School.
  • TO PURCHASE Life Saving Equipment for York’s Water Rescue Team.
  • TO PRINT & DISTRIBUTE “Boating & Water Safety Tip Cards."
  • TO START The Lendable Life Jacket Initiative.

Committees & Chairpersons:

The Chris Connors Fund:

Leslie Ware

Chris Ballentine

Emily Connors

Executive Committee:

Leslie Ware

Chris Ballentine

Joe Mokry

Jamie Elsinger

Jeff Patten

Matt Mctighe

Emily Connors

York Water Rescue Team:

Jamie Eslinger

Charlie Caramihalis

Dave Butler

Jon Gay

Dave Lorandeau

Jon Clithero

Matt Gunn

Nicole Richards

Yves Lessard

Lisa Desotelle

2018 Committee Chairpersons

Event Co-Chairs:

Emily Connors

Leslie Ware


Finance Committee:

Matt Mctighe

Emily Connors

Leslie Ware


Emily Connors


Tent Exhibitors:

Drew Donovan

Joe Hogan


York Water Rescue Team Rescues & Demos:

Jamie Eslinger


Life Guard Challenge:

Jeff Patten


Life Jacket Challenge & Tent:

Dan Greer

Tim Greer


Water Safety Challenge:

Ann Grinnell


Boating Safety Challenge:

Agamenticus Yacht Club

David & Jamie White

Shappy LaPointe


Water Safety Relay:

Jeff Beaudoin


Chris Connors Fund School Education Program:

Emily Connors



Cindy Francis



Cindy Francis

Leslie Ware


Food & Beverage:

Leisa Smith


Chris Connors Fund Bracelet:

Russell Connors

Mary Chase Connors



DeeDee Balentine



Matt McTighe


Salty The Seal - Mike Brown

Junior Salty The Seal - Liam Connors


Mailing List:

Kathleen Hofer



Zack Ricjards



Sharon Leonard


Judi Hogan

Elementary School Penny War

Jeff Beaudoin


Our mission and our goals to educate Safer Boating * Safer Water * Safer Kids in our community are achieved by a dedicated group of men and women.